HARTING integrates small-form factor electro-optical convertors with PushPull connector technology

HARTING has developed a new range of fibre-optic transceivers suitable for industrial applications by integrating electro-optical converters in small-form factor (SFF and SFP) packages with PushPull connector technology.

Harting device integration of small form factor electro optic transceivers

The new devices have been developed in response to increasing demands for high-reliability optical communication devices that will withstand the harsh environmental conditions and vibration encountered in industrial applications while offering simple handling and installation.

The transceivers are based on overmoulded HARTING PushPull cable assemblies with LC duplex mating faces, and offer IP 65/67 protection and ease of handling. The easy-to-integrate PushPull device side allows fibre-optic devices to be added to existing solutions, such as I/O boxes, camera systems or industrial controllers. The transceiver module can be equipped with any SFF/SFP transceivers, and can be connected to the base plate via HARTING har-flex® connectors.


Sources: www.harting.co.uk


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