Tencell implements a Rebrand that will be sure to impress

When the COVID-19 pandemic began to affect businesses throughout Europe and the United States, Tencell took this opportunity to re-evaluate the company and incorporate ways to strengthen the business during these difficult times. 

In reinventing the image of Tencell, we have used elements of more modern brand guidelines in a logo redesign. This redesign is an evolutionary version of the original Tencell logo that our customers have all grown to know, now with a sleeker design. 

Tencell has also reflected this logo design into an updated website, which is contemporary and easy to navigate. 

To improve our customers’ experience, Tencell has made it a mission to become a competitor against leading electronic component distributors across the globe. Our rebrand included input and ideas from the staff at Tencell, and we are proud to present our customers with a logo and website that can now reflect the quality of our business.